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2605 Eby Street, Terrace, BC

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Meet Sarah Artis

Sarah Artis is the owner of Sarah & Company Communications

There’s no denying that the gift of words has been granted to Sarah. Her powerful explanation of why she chose her field of business is an example of her extraordinary skill. “Simple words and images can stop and start wars, start and end love affairs,” she explains. “What we say, how we say it, and how the people we are speaking to perceive the message is so important. I believe in what I do and I believe that what I do helps makes our community and region a better place."

Sarah believes small businesses are the heart of small communities. She loves running her own business because it allows her to learn and take on new challenges each and every day.

As for Terrace, this communications professional says that she is grateful to be a part of a community that is so bestowing to one another. "“So many people in the community give so much of themselves. It makes our community and the lives of the people that live here so rich. It’s inspiring and I love being part of it.”

In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time outside. “There are unlimited opportunities here to access the outdoors, arts and culture or anything else you are interested in,” she explains. “Fresh air, rivers, lakes, mountains, skiing, fishing, and mountain biking – it’s all here."

Sarah believes Terrace’s amazing entrepreneurs are the foundation of the town’s economy. She sees first hand how their businesses support hundreds of local families. “The Northwest is a special place,” says Sarah. “Not many places exist with such a supportive community and such wild, untapped beauty. Our company works with so many incredible people and organizations that help our community thrive and grow. I am so proud and feel so lucky to live here.”

Strategic. Supportive. Authentic.

Sarah & Company Communications has built a robust reputation for creating simple yet powerful information and marketing materials. Trusted by small businesses, government agencies and community organizations throughout Northwest BC, the company offers a range of communications support, training and workshops.

With a focus on simple language and clean design, Sarah and her team of creative professionals create powerful messages that everyone can understand. They aim to make people feel and think more deeply. Sarah & Company combines strategic thinking and a wide range of skills and services to help advance conversations vital to the future of Northwest BC.

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  • 2605 Eby Street
  • Terrace, BC
  • V8G 2X2, Canada

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